Glorified PuG, The Start

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GP as we like to call ourselves.  You’re probably wondering what the hell a “Glorified Pick-up Group is.  Well it’s the name me and a group of raiders gave ourselves after forming.  A guild?  Nono, we have many guilds involved in this and guild alignment means nothing to the raid group as a whole.  We do 25 mans, started last night, cleared two wings and a half until we hit our raid time stop.  We did lose a lot of time as we had to start late due to a few things.  But other than Gluth we one shotted all the bosses in Plague, Spider and Construct. Look for us to be clearing content quickly.  Who cares what guild you’re in?  Just raid!  I haven’t posted in awhile since a lot has been going on, but i’ll get back into here soon.  The libram I wanted finally dropped last night, and I passed it to another Holy Paladin in the group, but he opened a ticket and said he was going to pass it back to me. 


Don’t tell Laeyla! :O


Haha, anyway.  I’m leveling a Death Knight finally..  She’s only 58, but I sorta enjoy the class already.  Though the rotation and key placement is a bit weird for me to start.  My Hunter is sitting at level 28.  I really need to get back to a leveling spree with her goat ass.  Maybe some RP too.  I got someone on Alliance side begging me to start some up.


Steelers won the Superbowl.  Shame. :<


Uhhhhhh.  That’s it!


Long live GP!



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I finally got my trinket, FINALLY.

You don’t understand, I had the Wintergrasp marks saved up for two days, and everytime I did Wintergrasp, the Horde was just horrid, and we lost.  We -finally- won today, and I bought my trinket.  I really hate Wintergrasp, and anyone who does it wrong.  Please, if you’re going to join, know what you’re doing.

Anyway, my Paladin has 544 Resil now, working on it slowly.

I am leveling a hunter on alliance side to raid with some friends!  They raid from 11-2, in the morning.  Pretty cool schedule, I think it will be fun.  About to ding 24 on her, it’s going extremely fast.


Working on gemming my new badge belt for my ret set on my paladin also.

Other than that, i’m tired and wanted to drop a quick post!
Comment. 😀

Wrath of the Retardin

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A few days ago I was beating on a training dummy, getting ready for a few heroics to gear my paladin for raiding the weekend with the guild, which went really well!  Downed 5 new bosses the second night, 3 of which were one shots.  I was very happy to see how excited all my new friends were.  I hope it goes well the rest of the times we go in there.  Anyway, I was hitting the training dummy, staring madly at my recount to analyze the data… until I died.

You see, i’m new to being a Retribution Paladin, so i’m not used to this whole.. hurting yourself when hurting others thing?  To say the least, I got killed by a training dummy.

All that I have to say about that is I blame the class and spec.


In my “RP Life” that I rarely even take part in.. I think Ayrel is done with Niamh, for good.  If you’ve known me, you’d know I have always wanted my character with hers for a long time, and I just don’t see it working out at all.  So it’s done, he’s going to stay with Rebeca, who i’ve actually spent a lot more time with lately IC.  Other than that, everyone’s getting used to him going back to his Paladin state and everything is good besides those two things. 

Superbowl!  It’s coming people.  I can’t wait, I hope the Cardinals beat the Steelers into a pulp.  Go Underdog!  or underbird, in this case.

I got a few new upgrades on my enhan– RET PALADIN.  …

I wear mail, so what?  It gives me stats, sort of. >.>
Anyway.  Bracers of Anxiety and Circle of Death. 

TO END, I will sing you a bit of my new favorite song…


“Don’t trust the hoe, never trust the hoe, won’t trust the hoe, won’t trust me.”

… [:


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I thought it was a good idea.  Abi doesn’t.  GG Raid leader. 

Know what that means?  The Holy Paladin’s can spec out of kings! 

I’m grinding heroics as we speak, getting gear for this weekend when I become the only melee Vae Victus has at a raid!  Ret Paladin go!

Also, poor paladin is poor.  Reputation gear might be terrible, but that shit is expensive, yo.



I. Hate. Thaddius.

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I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

Here’s the story:              Go.


We went into Naxxramas today to clear it like any other day, except one small, minor detail.  We were going for the Immortal.  Y’know, the one not many in the world have, and is extremely difficult to get?  Well yes, we’ve been really close about 4 weeks in a row, always one person dying to something stupid.  The last two weeks I had missed the jump on Thaddius.. To get to the platform, most of this was due to lag.  But, I will say that my guild leader did make me flip out a bit.  I was close to hyperventilating when we arrived at him.  I calmed down a bit as he told a mage to give me slow fall.  So I was like, ‘woo, I won’t miss it this time.’   We haven’t had any wipes so far and we started on the construct quarter this week.  We kill the adds, I make the jump.  Okay, cool.  “Polarity Shift” is called out on vent.  Oh.. shit.  I was so caught up in the jump, I forgot which way to go.  Guess what happened?  I made a judgement call, and it was the wrong one.  Yes, I died.  Yes I got yelled at in officer chat.  I was to the point I was almost crying over this shit.  I was stressed until I just had to tell him I was done with the guild.  I couldn’t handle all the stress and shit I had to go through.  I -love- raiding, but it is -not- worth being yelled at by a man who thinks he is sent from god to lead a raid. 


-takes a deep breath-

Okay, better now.  So I leave the guild after being screamed at.  I get a lot of whispers, talk to them, exchange little “<3’s,” “I’ll miss you,”  ect.  S0 i’m sitting in Dalaran until I realized my transfer was up.


My Paladin is back on Sisters of Elune.

Fuck me.


Entering Rudilyn’s Mind?

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Yawp.  You read it right.  My good friend ‘Laeyla’ got me to make a blog on the site, so i’ll be posting here a good amount from now on. Also, it’s 7 in the morning on a patch day, i’m quite tired.  So bare with me, please.  Since this is my first post.  I’d like to explain a bit about what I will be putting up on this site.  Almost everything will be World of Warcraft raiding information for my two guilds. 

Vae Victus – Sisters of Elune. 

No Bads Allowed – Kilrogg.

Anything else I post will be about the amazing PvP that both my classes are terrible at right now, or everyone’s favorite.  RP. 

Let me start by introducing both of my main characters.  Rudilyn is my Shadow Priest.  My first real raiding character in BC.  Back when she was spamming CoH like a pro.  Now i’ve decided to level this character up to raid with Vae Victus, a good small guild on Sisters of Elune.  She is now a he, and level 77.  Extremely close to 78.  I should be 80 well before Vae Victus has the next raid, which I will be attending.  Very excited about that and can’t wait to get to know all the raiders better.

My pride and joy though, is my Holy Paladin.  Oh god do I love this thing.  His name is Rudilyn.  Yes, Rudilyn.  I love the name, get off my back.  I am in the guild called No Bads Allowed on Kilrogg.  They’re all really amazing, raid 25 man content, full clear on everything.   We’re currently working on getting all the achievements!  I currently only need three achievements for my black proto-drake, though woe is me, no epic flying.. yet.

Heroic Malygos: A Poke In The Eye. ( Malygos with 20 people?  Psh, incoming soon. )

Heroic Naxxramas: The Immortal. ( We’ve gotten The Undying. 25 man is a bit tougher!  Attempting it tonight though. )

Heroic Sartharion: Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows. ( I will have to die to get this one!  Will get soon. )

I’d love to be able to ride around on this amazing mount that not many people have the pleasure of doing yet.  If you’re wondering what my gear is looking like as of the moment, I will link my armory in an upcoming post since the armory is down.  Thanks to the amazing maintence that has me writing a blog around 8 in the morning.. Why am I still up?  Thanks Laeyla!

Kidding, of course.  This girl’s pretty amazing.  I wouldn’t be on the server that sooooo loves me if it wasn’t for her and a few other good friends who won’t let me leave.  Wait, back to my Paladin.  I recently changed his hair from black to goldish yellow.. I like it, a bit different for me.  It’s cute because almost all of his gear matches his hair now, and the rest is a nice black.  I’ll have to get a picture of that for all of you.  I haven’t done many heroics on him, and i’m so happy i’ll be getting back into the heroic grind on my Priest.  Ahahaha, not really.  I hated it, but I will be doing it again.  Sigh.  It’s all worth it in the end.

My Priest is on the journey to 80 currently as I mentioned earlier.  He will ding 80 late tommorow or so.  I will definately have an update post with more on this later. 

I’ve been kinda all over the place with this first blog post, since it’s early, and I don’t really know how to do this whole ‘blog’ thing.  So just go along with it and act like I know what i’m doing, k?  k, thanks.

PvP land hasn’t been too good in Wrath, I think..  It’s really broken right now for most classes.  Thank god Paladin’s have plate, or my 170 resil. would be a joke.  I can take a rogue beating on my face without the first stun killing me, who would have thought?  I tried a 3v3 team yesterday.  Triple plate just to get points.  We did decent, floated to 1600 in our first 10 games, other than that not much has gone on in PvP with me.

Sometimes when I log onto my Priest, I wonder why in the world I am on this server still.  It’s like highschool.  Drama, drama, drama.  That’s all I see around me and sometimes you have to sit back and laugh at it thinking “What the hell is going on?”.  I feel like this a lot.  I have really almost stopped RP’ing.  This hurts me a lot since it was something I used to do constantly.  I love to RP, but the server is getting so childish.  All anyone wants to do is cyber, or dance naked on the bars.  I miss the in-depth RP that was once alive on Sisters of Elune.  YES, in-depth RP.  Not kitty, demon, rawrawrawrawr RP that goes on now.  /endrant.  I only RP with a few people now, and even then stupid shit goes on.  Someday Ayrel will be able to settle down with someone and have a good storyline.  I think I know who it’s going to be, even if she doesn’t think it’ll happen.

OOC I am still doing my school work, trying to get through with it all.  Football, also!  Gogo Cardinals.  Not a team i’d usually go for, but why not?  Miami Dolphins are out, so I gotta go for the underdog!

There’s not much else I can bother to tell you all, so i’ll end this with a nice quote.


“no swaring, git ot of mai bar oar mai asitant well kck u”


Spelling is hard.

That is all.